Orlando, part 1

Well, we’re back!  We got back around 10:30 this morning and immediately crashed.  I just woke up about an hour ago, and it was wonderful (the sleeping part, not the waking up part).

Orlando was really fun, except for the fact that Nate had some crazy disease on his face the whole time.  Actually we have no idea what it is….. He just woke up thursday morning with red, puffy, scaly stuff all over his face. Unfortunately, it’s still hanging around.  It kinda makes me jealous that he can have that crap all over him and still look so dang cute. I know I couldn’t pul it off!  We’re going to the amazing Dr. Brad tonight after church to let him take a look at it.  Nate is convinced that the problem was the detergente used on the sheets in the hotel room, so many just being back at home will heal him right up.  We’ll see.

I only took twp pictures the whole time we were there, and they were both of the same thing.  Here, I’ll show you.

{Images removed when the blog was transferred from Squarespace to WordPress. Sorry!)

That was the view from our bedroom window. It’s hard to tell in that top picture, but the hotel had its own lazy river.  Nate planned to go every single day, but we never actually got around to it.

Oh, goodness… I have to leave for the church plant meeting in 10 minutes and I’m still in pajamas. I’m keeping the babies tonight! Be back later….


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